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Diesel Articulated Booms

Podesty Przegubowe SpalinoweArticulated electrically powered platforms are mainly used in buildings, are ideal forassembly and inspection, carried out in places difficult to access, process lines or onshelves. Telescopic-articulated floating structure provides a large working range and a compact size for movement in a confined area maneuvering..

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ModelTyp napęduWysokość roboczaWymiary platformyWysięg bocznyUdźwigWymiary (dł x sz x w)Masa
Manitou 160ATJDiesel 4x4x416 m0,80 m x 1,80 m8,30 m230 kg6,53m x 2,30m x 2,37m6160 kg
JLG 450AJ SIIDiesel 4x416 m0,76 m x 1,83 m7,47 m230 kg6,53m x 2,08m x 2,25m7400 kg
Haulotte HA16PXDiesel 4x416 m1,80 m x 0,80 m8,70 m230 kg5,25m x 2,38m x 2,15m7240 kg
Genie Z-45/25JDiesel 4x416 m0,76 m x 1,83 m7,62 m227 kg5,56m x 2,29m x 2,11m6294 kg
JLG 510AJDiesel 4x418 m0,76 m x 1,83 m9,48 m230 kg7,68m x 2,36m x 2,54m7650 kg
Genie Z-60/34Diesel 4x420,39 m0,91 m x 2,44 m11,05 m227 kg8,15m x 2,46m x 2,69m10215 kg
Haulotte HA20PXDiesel 4x420,65 m1,80 m x 0,80 m13,50 m230 kg5,90m x 2,38m x 2,15m11710 kg
Haulotte HA26PXDiesel 4x426 m1,80 m x 0,80 m14 m230 kg9,6m x 2,38m x 2,57m14150 kg
JLG 800AJDiesel 4x426,38 m2,44 m x 0,91 m15,8 m230 kg11,13m x 2,44m x 3,00m15550 kg
Gene Z-80/60Diesel 4x4x425,77 m2,44 m x 0,91 m18,29 m227 kg11,27m x 2,49m x 3,00m17010 kg
Genie Z-135/70Diesel 4x4x443,15 m2,44 m x 0,91 m21,26 m272 kg12,93m x 2,46m x 3,07m20366 kg

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