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Electric Scissor Lifts

Podesty Nożycowe ElektryczneElectric scissor platforms are perfect for installation and finishing works in buildings and outside on the paved ground. The platform is raised vertically and the additional lateral projection is obtained by slide open platform for the maximum length of1.50 m range of models, as appropriate, may have small dimensions allow passage by 90 cm door openings. Smooth control of the platform allows for a safe and comfortable work. Machines have non-marking tires.

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Marka / ModelWysokość roboczaPlatforma wysuwanaWymiary platformyUdźwigWymiary (dł x szer x wys)Masa
HAULOTTE OPTIMUM87,8 m0,91 m3,50m x 0,70m230 kg1,90m x 0,7m x 2,00m1370 kg
GENIE 19328,0 m1,00 m2,83m x 2,00m227 kg1,63m x 0,74m x 2,00m1498 kg
HAULOTTE COMPACT88,0 m0,90 m3,22m x 0,8m350 kg2,48m x 0,81m x 2,00m1730 kg
JLG 2030ES8,1 m0,90 m3,2m x 0,76m 360 kg2,3m x 0,76m x 1,80m2000 kg
GENIE GS 20328,1 m0,91 m3,17m x 0,81m363 kg2,26m x 0,81m x 2,03m1825 kg
GENIE GS 324611,75m0,91 m3.32x1,17454 kg2,41m x 1,17m x 1,80m1956 kg
GENIE GS 26469,9 m0,91 m3,32x 1,17454 kg2,41m x 1,17m x 1,80m1956 kg
JLG 2646 ES10 m1,27 m3,77x 1,12450 kg2,50m x 1,17m x 1,97m2600 kg
HAULOTTE COMPACT1010 m0,80 m3,25x 1,20450 kg2,45m x 1,20m x 2,26m2330 kg
ITECO IG808910 m0,90 m3,19x 0,80365 kg0,89m x 2,29m x 2,21m1775 kg
JLG 3246ES12 m1,27 m2,77x 1,12320 kg2,50m x 1,17m x 1,97m2725 kg
GENIE GS 324611,75 m0,91 m3,32x 1,17454 kg2,41m x 1,17m x 1,80m2800 kg
HAULOTTE COMPACT1212 m0,80 m3,25x 1,20300 kg2,45m x 1,20m x 2,38m2630 kg
UPRIGHT X3211,80 m0,85 m3,2 x 1,17340 kg2,41m x 1,17m x 1,80m2800 kg
ITECO 1212214 m1,40 m3,66x 1,40350 kg1,63m x 0,74m x 2,00m1498 kg
ITECO 1215114 m1,40 m3,69x 1,46300 kg2,26m x 0,81m x 2,03m1625 kg
JLG 3969E14 m1,23 m3,92x 1,55340 kg2,77m x 1,80m x 2,01m3900 kg
JLG 4069LE14,2 m1,23 m3,63x 1,65363 kg3,1m x 1,75m x 2,04m5300 kg
JLG 1930ES7,72 m0,90 m2,77 x 0,76230 kg1547kg

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